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Automated Valve Configurators

Figure X440
Ball Valve, Brass, 2 PC, 600 WOG, Full Port
Figure 220AM
Ball Valve, SS, 2 PC, 2000 CWP, Full Port
Figure 310AM/ 311AM
Ball Valve, 3 PC, 1000 WOG, Full Port
Figure 600C/ 601C
Ball Valve, Cl 150 Flanged, Full Port, Fire Safe
Figure 732 (Lug) /731 (Wafer)
Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve
Figure HPA
High Performance Butterfly Valve

Piping Products • Flexible Connectors

Figure 30F - 150# Flanged End Braided Annular Hose Connector

Figure 30F
Catalog Spec Sheet Spec Sheet for Figure 30F
Drawings for Figure 30F — FNW Metal Braided Flexible Connector with Flat Faced Flange Connections, 2 - 10 inch
PDF drawing DWG drawing -- AutoCAD required to open
RFA drawing  *Autodesk's Revit or comparable software required to open RFA files

Always verify that you have the most recent product specifications
or other documentation prior to the installation of these products.
Flexible connectors are used to absorb thermal and seismic movement, absorb hydraulic shock, provide vibration and noise dampening, ease installation and correct minor misalignment of piping and components. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and connection ends for numerous applications.

The inner hose is an annular (bellows) design. An annular hose is better suited for pump connections because it can better sustain torsion stress due to longitudinal expansion from rises in pressure. Metal wire braid on a hose assembly restrains against hose elongation under higher pressures and acts to dampen vibration. A heavy braid also increases abrasion resistance. Optimal braid coverage will contain the core under pressure and reduce the possibility of twisting and squirming.

The use of braided metal connectors for applications such as pumps, compressors and other mechanical equipment can enhance the overall operation of a system.

Braided connectors have the advantages of:

  • Longer service life
  • Increased pressure capacity
  • Greater fatigue resistance due to flex
  • Increased temperature capacity of media
  • Greater protection of annular hose
  • Acceptance of thermal expansion

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