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Knife Gate Valves • Options & Accessories

Additional Options - for Knife Gate Valves

Additional Options
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Purge Ports
Often, knife gate valve applications have suspended matter that can build up in the chest and pocket cavities. Severe build up can interfere with the normal operation of the valve. Purge ports can keep this build up from happening by flushing the valve with liquid, gas, or in some cases, steam. Purge ports are typically placed on the sides of the valve chest and bottom of the valve.

Gate Scraper
To enhance protection of the valve packing and maintain packing seal, a Teflon® or metal gate scraper can be installed in the base of the packing well. The gate scraper can clear abrasive and sticky material from the blade as the valve opens, minimizing wear to the packing.

Hardened Seats and/or Blade
In high abrasion applications, the valve seat and blade take the most abuse. For these services, FNW can supply hardened blades and/or metal seats to prolong the service life of these parts.

Seats, Seals, and Packing
Different applications require different materials. FNW can supply custom materials for seats, seals, and packing depending on chemical compatibility, temperature, and acidity (pH).

Medium & High Vibration Service
Post factory treatment is available for medium and high vibration service. Modification includes the used of thread lockers, nylon lock nuts, or tack welds where applicable. See Engineering Information for further details.
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